When one enters a casino to play slots, he should be clear in mind that it is totally game of luck and the pay outs are completely random. On the other hand, if one is lucky enough, the winnings can be as large as millions of pounds resulting in a rise in life standards.

Players who are witty, understand the necessity of staying in the game for longer duration of time so as to increase the chances of winning. For this matter, taking help from an online casino is the best option. The world of online gaming is extremely competitive with casinos adding bonus games every now and then to their pool of games to get more players. If one really wants to enjoy risk free bonuses, here is a list:

1. A No Deposit Bonus
This is a very attractive bonus offered by some casinos to draw players. While opting for a non-deposit bonus, you do not have to pay for the games you want to play, so it is totally risk free and might get some real wins. The only limitation with this type of bonus is that the games might be slightly limited, but still the chance to get real pay-outs is there.

2. A Deposit Bonus
A deposit bonus is one wherein the players get a chance to increase their money. It works by adding a percentage of bonus to the sum of money you already have. This is a great way to play, none other bonus gives you this chance to multiply your revenue and enjoy three times as you could have done with your original amount.

3. Free spins
These are another type of bonuses that are offered by some casinos, giving the players a chance to try their luck and check the different aspects of the game; the chances to get real win are also very much there. This is best liked by people who go for any type of slot or for those lucky ones who find that their favorite slots are offering free wins.

4. Free Play
This is also a lucrative bonus given by a few casinos to new players as an incentive to play later on in their casino. For a certain period of time, the player is given the opportunity to play for free and get the profit too. For example one can enjoy an hour of free games, get the profit in the end and then move on playing other games in the casino.

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