The Internet has furnished the world with an unending chain of amusement and knowledge, both at the same time. Earlier people had to move out of their homes, leave their comforting premises and set foot inside a gaming zone, a casino or other to play a slot game.

With the progress of technology we can have an enjoyable session of our favourite game simply from our homes. In this age of modern technological advancement, there are a number of software developers who compete for providing the players with an experience with gaming that is almost as close to the real gaming world as possible, with 3-D adding to realistic nature.

However, the question that still remains to be answered is that does the online virtual, 3-D experience be equivalent to playing in a real gaming area? In reality, the player has to spot an empty place over a game, deal with other people in the area, even face faulty hardware and find a means to get back home, problems which don’t exist online!

Offline Slots
Slots, established over a century ago very slowly in a small town of the state of California, have now turned into the major revenue generation system for casinos of this century. The once simple three reeled machines with levers that were being used by an attendant to collect winnings have now transformed into multi reeled slots of today which have several play lines and do not need human help to claim winnings.

The introduction of video slots stirred waves in the gaming industry and the lever in the primitive slots was of no use in the sophisticated automated slots. The introduction of bonus and side games made players love the game even more. The resembling of offline and online slots is based on these earlier video slots.

To avail the opportunity of playing these offline slot games, one has to set foot in a gaming zone, be it a pub, casino or a gambling parlour.

Online Slots
In comparison to the offline slots, to play which the player has to make extra efforts in coming to a casino, finding a slot machine that is working properly and find a transport back home: online slots give the advantage of starting an online slot game almost instantly from a lap-top, tablet computer or desk-top. To avail the advantage of this facility what one needs is a good internet connection and then a world of diverse games on finger tips.

Online slot games come with a lot of bonus packages, in order to give the player a tempting incentive to register to the gaming site. As the world of gaming on the internet has lot of contenders these days, bonus games are many and diverse. The advantage of playing online is the offering a variety of games by registering to just one site; this is of particular interest to those who don’t hover in one game too long.

The one negative point of online gaming is that one has to be careful while selecting a casino as there are many tramp sites which pay after many delays or do not pay at all.

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