Slots are not a difficult or a complicated game for starters, rather they are simple and very interesting. Being so simple to learn and play makes them a favorite among players and the many different themes upon which they are based makes them interesting as well. The features of all slot machines are different to some degree but basics of all are the same.

Following few features are found in almost all the slot machines with varying degree of differences.

1. Wild symbol
Its ability to replace many other symbols in a combination on a play line makes it a hugely popular game amongst players. It can replace almost all the symbols on the reel and details can be read around the board. The only symbols it cannot replace are the trigger and the scatter.

2. Scatter symbol
The great quality of the scatter symbol that makes it stand out is that it does not need to appear in a perfect combination on the play line, rather when a required number is spun on the wheel, the payout can be claimed for the scatter symbol without worrying as to how many play lines got activated, but a combination of them on play lines earns money as well

3. Free Spins
Without worrying about the number of times the reel is spinning, free spin is another great feature. It does not need money to be paid for free spins. Free spins are triggered by a particular combination of symbols and the level at which the coins are played does not play a role in free spins.

4. Bonus Games
The best of all is the bonus game feature in slot machines as it is the most aesthetically designed aspect of slots. It completely embodies the theme upon which it has the slots have been designed, for instance if a slot has football as its theme, the bonus game might be based on a football ground where the player hasn’t kick the ball in the net to earn points.

The triggers for bonus games might just be a combination of bonus symbols or any other symbols that appear on the play line. And sometimes the bonus games might be triggered randomly.

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